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I have a little problem. When I click on green Play I cannot run this game. There is no reaction and I dont know how to fix. it. Please help : (
I have the same.
me too, did u actualice windows recently? Maybe this is the prob
for me reinstalling microsoft visual studio helped, now the game is running again
Any other solutions?
Can someone help me?
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I've got a severe bug problem. I updatet the Witcher 3 recently. After that I got a storage chest at skellige, but I cannot use it. It shows in the map but can't be seen when Gerald stands in front of it. All sailing boats have grafical errors and are barely recognisable. There are bits and pieces of landscape that consist only of grey areas. And now it try to play the quest with Ciri. She met Skaldar the coward and is trying to fight the Wild Hund. However only the dogs of the wild hunt move, the warriors remain motionless and can be dealt with easily. But afterwards the chapter cant be I cant move on. If anybody has a suggestion how to fix this, please tell me.
I've been away from the game since May 30th, so I was shocked when I came back today and saw so many changes. My problem is most of my inventory doesn't show up, only the amounts I have. My game freezes at random times...while looking at my inventory, loading a save, while playing...don't know what else as the game hasn't stayed functioning for more than a couple minutes. I also received a new quest which I failed immediately (I believe it is an old quest that is just now popping up). At first, I simply didn't like the way the new changes looked, but figured I will get used to it as I played. Now, however, I cannot even play the game. It played wonderfully before, but now it is crap.
Any ideas?