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Hi all,

i got the witcher 3, base game, on day one. Quit after a while for lack of time, then a few days ago, i bought the season pass.

Now i have 2 installation, with different save files, no problem because i was going to play from the start anyway.

NOTE: my saves files now seem to be merged, and i got my current save on both version of the game.

the problem is i'm missing Heart of stone and blood and wine:

in my gog library i can see witcher 3 goty and witcher 3 normal version (my first installation)

the normal version installation give me the opportunity to download both expansions (i can see the install button on gog interface), the GOTY do not.

first time i launched GOTY there were both the expansions in tha main menu, playable separately, but i thought that starting the game from the very beginning, contains the expansions too. now i'm level 16, no trace of the expansions quest, and both HOS and BAW disappeared from main menu. So i cannot launch them separately.

Curious thing, if i launch the normal version i can see both expansions listed in the main menu, if i launch the goty, as i said, they're not listed (see attached files "GOTY" and "NORMAL")

anyone can tell me how can i check if the expansion are installed in my goty?

otherwise should i try to download the expansions for the base game and continue my current run with normal version?

Thank's to all and sorry for my bad english. it's not my native language.
normal.jpg (475 Kb)
goty.jpg (430 Kb)