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Fogamer: "Keyboard and Mouse detected - Control scheme changed"

Whenever I enter the options menu, every single action I do there triggers that message. That's quite annoying. Can it be turned off? Can I change the default control scheme to mouse+keyboard?

Actually, everytime I see it I have the feeling it actually reads: "This is meant to be a console game... for you, miserable PC player, we'll make an exception and change the controls from Controller to Mouse+Keyboard."
I have your answer here maybe lol.
I was getting the same thing it was so annoying, I have a razer mambo mouse, it turned out once I put it on the dock (a block my mouse sits on to be charged.) or turned it off the little yellow box with detected controller that appears every 10-15 seconds in break stopped. Its your mouse its accidently moving very very slightly without you know ing. LOL That was my issue anyway.
Downloaded The Witcher 3, I want to use my xbox controller only. However whenever i accidentally click left stick i get the annoying blue keyboard box. I've changed the lockcontrolscheme to 2 as directed. It doesn't work. Also whenever i hit A on controller to anything the world map pops up. Whats the fix all for this cus its starting to make me want to request a refund?