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I accidentally hit the button to hide the HUD. Never used that before, since I like playing with the HUD enabled.
I re-enabled the HUD, but now the left side odf the HUD is missing (the medallion/health bar and the quick items).
The right side of the HUD (mini map and quest tracker) are still visible.

I can temporarily enable the health bar by selecting a different sign, but it disappears again after a few seconds.

The health bar and qucik items now reappear only during combat, but I would like to have them enabled all the time, not only in combat.

Is there a way to get the old behaviour back? As I said, it all started once I accidentally hit the button to hide the HUD.

Thanks a lot in Advance,

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Hmm, I thought with 1.12 the HUD configuration had got rid of its glitches.
Have you checked the state of the HUD elements in the HUD configuration? Because, the behaviour you describe fits to some HUD elements put out (they automatically reappear when entering battle or being below 100%).