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I've been up ALL night since the game went live working on this problem, and I've seen so many people having this same issue.

Some of them were resolved for laptop users with Intel processors that have nVidia, or ATI cards by right-clicking on witcher3.exe, and running the game with another graphics option (Intel CPU's built-in graphics were being used instead of the nVidia/ATI). Some others were able to resolve this by forcing the game to run in fullscreen mode rather than windowed.

However, some of us actually only have the Intel HD series graphics, and after researching everything I've found in Event Viewer, I've come to the conclusion that The Witcher 3 will not allow the executable to run AT ALL with Intel graphics. Now, some of you may be thinking, "Well, Intel is not listed as a minimum, or recommended option". Be that as it may, I've also determined this is a logical coding error on CDPR's part. No matter what, the game should AT LEAST open to the splash screen, and even show the opening movie. If I can run Skyrim very well with this graphics solution, I should at least be able to run The Witcher 3 with a terrible FPS. It shouldn't be just crashing outright.

I have been building PCs since 1983, and in all of that time, I have not once in 32 years, seen a game crash immediately from less-than-optimal hardware. They all at least load the splash screen before telling me, "Are you kidding? *Crash*". I have a nice gaming rig at home (From what I've seen with all of the other problems with SLI, I doubt even my gaming rig will run it very well), but I'm on the road for a long while. I hope they patch their obvious screw-ups so people can enjoy what I thought had the ability to be the best RPG ever made.

Lastly, I have never, ever pre-ordered any game because I've seen so many issues exactly like this from paying attention to what people experience on launches. I have ZERO trust for publishers. I actually broke that rule in anticipation of this game's release. Lesson learned. I will never pre-order a game again. Pirating is so prevalent because publishers (and some devs) are releasing broken products and laughing at everyone who was dumb enough to buy it, and people are really tired of it. Keep screwing with everyone, and consoles won't be a safe place for publishers to rob people either. I decided to pre-order for the first time ever, and I got screwed. My fault. It'll never happen again.
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