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Windows 7 Ultimate
64 bit
no mods
all expansion packs loaded
playing New Game +

Lately within the past 1 to 2 weeks I've noticed a major drop in performance.
When I click on GOG icon to load, the screen comes up and most of it is blank (black). If I run my mouse cursor over the black areas, it will come up like it should.
After starting the game and have him move, he moves slow. When I hold down the left Shift key for him to run, he runs at half the speed he use to do.
When I'm on Roach, Roach goes at half speed. When holding down the left Shift key, he goes at a much slower speed than he use to. When I hit the left Shift key twice for him to gallop/run faster, he goes much slower than he use to.
When I'm on Roach and galloping, if I turn him like going into a curve, he'll run off the road as tho there is a delayed reaction for him to turn.
When Geralt is talking to someone, the audio (his voice or someone elses voice) talks fine but after voice stops, the characters lips are still talking but no sound.
Fired up FRAPS and framerates are averaging 25 to 30. Checked options and its set at 60.
Turned down some of the graphics to lowest detail with "no" change in framerates.

Strange part is sometimes (these past couple of weeks) if I shut down the game and GOG and restart, it will return to normal. Trying to get a "normal" start to get framerates.
Anybody else having these slowdowns that just started?

p.s. I did run other games and they are running fine with good framerates and also did a dxdiag and it comes up good.
StuAustin: the screen comes up and most of it is blank (black). If I run my mouse cursor over the black areas, it will come up like it should.
That is a problem with either your graphics drivers or your graphics card. First step, as always, is to reboot your computer. Also check your drivers, and don't be afraid to roll back to older drivers if you had better performance with them.
Hello. Did a reboot and now when I bring up GOG, the advertizement screen for GOG comes up like it normally does. In the left window when I click on "WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT, THE" to bring up the screen with the Play Button and Witcher 3 stuff, nothing happens.


Edit: After the above failed, I went and sent the witcher3.exe from the 64 bit bin to desktop. Clicked on it and it brought up the game. Now all speeds are correct with no slowdowns. Same thing with fighting.
Went into the Galaxy Client 1.1.13 (beta) screen and got a Galaxy Client Helper failure from Windows. Closed it and ran the witcher3.exe from shortcut and it ran fine.
The loading screen from Galaxy is screwing up again.

Edit: Finally was able to do a verify/repair. It installed some Visual C ++ files. Appears to be working correctly. Will try it for a couple of days and see how it does. Oh, and display drivers are up to date.
Post edited August 28, 2016 by StuAustin