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Hey dear witchers...

I have a problem with my ps4 controller and The Witcher. At first, my english is not that great, pls be forgiving :D
I want to use my controller in The Witcher - so I connect it via USB with my computer. I can hear that "blupp" sound that its connected to my computer.
The Dualshock is also listed as a wireless controller in my Device Manager and there is also an input...
But i cannot use it ingame? How do I activate it in The Witcher 3? There is no possiblity to change from keyboard and mouse to controller in the options D: can anyone help me plsss??
This question / problem has been solved by Unkalibriertimage
Schau mal da.
h t t p : / /
jamrwoo: h t t p : / /
well, I didnt know that this is necessary because CDP talked about support for both types of controller. But thank you :D
Unkalibriert: Schau mal da.
Vielen Dank! Ich hab Google schon durchforstet, aber nichts passendes gefunden. Es gab aber anscheinend doch was darüber :D Komisch nur, dass es nicht ohne ds4 geht, weil CDP doch davon geredet hat, beides zu unterstützen?
Es gibt auch einige, die keinen XBOX Controller haben, sondern i.einen anderen - es funktioniert trotzdem.
Naja egal, ich versuchs mal.
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