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Before starting,I checked the rules and saw nothing about yes or no I have the right to talk about alcohol in the forums. I know on steam it's against the rules, but still, sorry if it's the same here.

Hello guys! This is my idea of a drinking game for the witcher 3.
Don't be afraid to add things and correct some!

Drunkcher Rules.
A and B are the roles,A=player and B=Watcher

1-Die and A take a shot,switch role.

2-Game may crash,if it does both take 1 shot but do not change role.

3-Kills a boss,A take nothing but B take 2 shot.

4-Kills a semi boss,A take water shot B take 1 shot.

5-When you start playing,wait 5 to 10 min before starting the drinking game.Drinking game last 20min (So actualy maximum playing time is 30min before switching see 5.1)

5.1-After 30 min switch role,both take a shot of water and play without taking shot for the next 5-10 min.

6-Breast appear on screen,B must do 10 push up.(Doesn't count if its a monster)

7-Mistake:If A kills himself (explode barrel, goes into gaz cloud or afk so he can die) Still switch roles,take the same 5 to 10 min break,but player that killed himself must do 20 jumping jak or 10 push up. (Or take double the amount of shots for the next 5 min after the break)