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darthspudius: why do you need a collection? if you don't use the items, they are useless junk.
Wolfyskittles: Yes we needed a storagel. Have to have some way to store those glorious Witcher sets, while you level them or those trophies from your prized kills.

What is wrong with you?
If I made a list of whats wrong it'd be a long one! What's the point of building armour if you're not going to use it?!
Check your books I was aprox 20 to 30 lbs over weight. Went into my books and had as many as 16x of one book. Sold off all my books but 1 per and dropped 20 - 30 lbs.
davevh: Nice of you to reply in such a cordial manner when all the OP want's to bitch about is how everyone is wrong to want an inventory system.
I imagine something really traumatic must have happened to him, maybe got shoved into a locker at school with "gasp" items inside containing no value ... to him.

Talk about sitting on a lonely peak of entitlement!

Oh wait, that OP username, I get it now.
paladin181: I personally am ok with the Stash, but I don't believe it was needed. Witchers are nomadic, traveling the world to find work. They wouldn't keep a "collection" of items they weren't going to use. So I sold off all the gear I wasn't currently using, or gear I couldn't use yet. and only created or kept gear I could use NOW, and gear I was very close to using. I sold off extra crafting ingredients to reduce carrying weight. Basically they eliminated the need for inventory management which was part of the initial game. Apparently people don't like "you can only carry X, choose carefully" type gameplay. They want to hoard everything they find on the ground. Which is fine but doesn't fit in with the Witcher lifestyle.

Yes, this is an RPG in which you are a Witcher. Although it has great action/combat, it is still an RPG.