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Hello, I have finished my third playthrough today and started a new game on dark difficulty. However I have a problem when my savegames do not have pictures (so I do not where exactly I saved), only a few autosaves have them. I loaded a savegame from previous playthrough and it is working fine. Any idea what may cause this? And how to fix it?
This is one of the lighter forms of save corruption, and like the other manifestations of save corruption, the only fix seems to be to go back to an earlier save before it was a problem.

If I were to make a list, the whole "random save corruption" thing would be on my top 5 of things CDPR needs to fix for their future games. For now, going back to an earlier save or dealing with it are really the only options.
Hello, thanks for the info. The problem is I started a new game so there is not any earlier save :( Will have to manage without those pictures it seems :(
I also have this problem - also having just started a new game.
I find it comes and goes. I tend to go back regularly and delete a bunch of autosaves only to find maybe 1/3rd of my manual saves have pictures. I just figured it had trouble taking the picture because I was overtaxing my system with the game. I really need to look into injecting fxaa, ubersampling looks great but the fans on my gpu are drowning out the game at times.