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Hi all, just some random comments. I miss the monster/ race variety seen in the first game.. For the monsters it'd be nice *see* them. I still don't think I have anything but a vague idea of what a nekker face looks like. wraiths definitely lost something too.

Krakken bosses with a boil problems just need a break. Fighting werewolf or striga == cool. Boil infested over sized octopi are not. Borderlands and dragon age + GOW + dark sector... did me in on them.

Throwables, bombs/knives quick select implementation needs a count and is buggy when you run out but manufacture more bombs etc. The slot migh show a non existent item, or show an item it does cue up fir throwing.

Despite the divinely designed skill tree icon + appearance, a lot was lost from the old skills/quest/book menus..

Inventory management really took a dive as did store mechanics. I think I mistakenly sold stuff a half dozen times simply because geralts and store inentory looked about the same. Also alchemy has a bad habit of using up quest items. I missed out on the encrypted manuscript quest because of it. Deleting save games is a missing must.

I still hate exp caps. Fallout 2 never suffered from it. I hope witcher3 expands the monster count and cleans up a lot of nits, bec it's a beautiful game.