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Hello there fellows,
I'm here to report yet again, a strange problem with my card.
I'm posting all my system specs in pictures also,
but here's a brief rundown:

i7-3770 3.40 Ghz processor
16 GB ram
AMD radeon HD 7700 card with 2048 mb memory
64 bit win7 os
Plenty of disk space
Latest Drivers

As you can see, I was trying to run the game on minimum settings and I turned everything off in the catalyst center for both the launcher and the main program itself (antiisotropic cannot get beneath 2 for some reason). Also running the game in windowed mode as some suggested.
The game is still the most jittery, laggy, jumpy, slow program I ever seen running on this computer.
Is this normal? I mean I think I meet most of the system requirements, so I have no idea what am I doing wrong.
The game is practically unplayable for me right now :(

for some reason, most of my attached images dont show up the previous post...


system.jpg (150 Kb)
videocard.jpg (139 Kb)
w2exe.jpg (136 Kb)
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Hopefully this helps?

With those specs you should be able to play on max settings barring the ubersampling.
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