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I only got as far as "Press C to spent all your remaining talent point in the Training Path".
Which I did, there was only one point anyway. But the tutorial did not move on from there, so what have I missed here?

It matters little, it's not stopped me getting on with the game itself.
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The same happened to me. And other errors too. You'd think that a tutorrial (which by definition is supposed to help people learn) would clearly communicate, step-by-step. But once you get to the arena, this one's a confusing, aggravating mess.

Example: Holding the R key down and aiming the throwing knives. The pale, tiny bullseye I was supposed to aim with didn't always appear on the screen at all. And when it did, if there was fire anywhere in the area, the bullseye became invisible. And on top of all that, even after dialing down the mouse sensitivity setting, it swings around wildly. Well that's going to be a lot of fun dealing with through the whole game!

Learning how to riposte was much more difficult than it should have been. And in their own official Manual the "Default Keys" table doesn't even use the same terms. Instead of "parry" it says "block". And it doesn't include Riposte at all.

Poorly designed and poorly executed. I'm not sure I'm going to play this game after all. I haven't enjoyed it so far, and I haven't even gotten to the game itself! Which is obscene. Every other game I've played has started with the fun of building anticipation, seeing a little bit of the game's world, and starting the adventure. Not this one. And Witcher 1 didn't do that to players!
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