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I have registered my game just fine, but for whatever reason the Troll Trouble DLC does not pop up in the DLC section of the launcher.

The only things available are the english subs/ audio.

What do I need to do to get this to show up?

Thanks for your help.
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Has this been solved? I have the same problem, except that all I see available are the polish subs and voiceovers.
I thought patch 1.1 included the troll dlc no?
Does it really matter if it's listed as DLC ? Head over to Flotsam's notice board, in Chapter 1. If the DLC is properly installed, you should be able to get the relevant contact which will initiate the quest.
archaven: I thought patch 1.1 included the troll dlc no?
It does.

And most DLC won't show up in the launcher now. Even one's that did before.

The way to be sure of what you have, until they straighten it back out, is to look in your CookedPC folder. File ends in .dlc for the respective content.