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Dont make the same mistake I made for the first 8 hours of the game lol. When the buttons flash on the screen don't double tap the keys hold them down. I was tapping them and when it comes to doing 2 keys I had a millisecond to get to it. If you hold they key it gives more than enough time, I haven't been hit once since I realized this on normal.

Why did they make the buttons on screen flash in the way they did it makes you think that you need to tap the damn keys instead of holding it.....

Anyway just a hards up to anyone who ran into the same problem lol
deepc28: Anyway just a hards up to anyone who ran into the same problem lol
lol, just a hards up. I got a hard up right now from looking at Rosie Jones on the net...but seriously that's good info OP.
I don't hold down the keys, I just tap them briefly and that works for me. I never thought of holding them down, but I guess it doesn't make a difference.
Same as above poster, just hit the button once, no tapping or holding. It's simple, really.
Lol typo. Yea when bttons flash the way they do in witcher 2 I thought u had to double tap it making it 10 times harder. Now I never lose and don't get hit once....