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I'm wondering if CDProjekt Red will release other languages for the Witcher 2. I would particularly like an official Italian voiceover. The firts Witcher was a great experience and one of the few games with a really complete set of languages.

What are the projects in this area? Is The Witcher 2 won't be developed anymore (apart patches)?

Thank you.
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It was just a matter of time before the italians showed up with their pet peeve.
As far as I know no announcement has been made about italian localization, patches and the XBox version are probably top priority right now. But I guess it all boils to how many copies of TW2 have been sold in Italy, if sales were good it could mean that doing an extra effort to win over the italian XBox crowd is a smart move. If however, the majority of games sold were the "Special ultra-cheap Napule pirate stall DVD-R edition" with photocopied sleeve art and a pack of smuggled Marlboro as bonus, then the odds of seing a future italian voice over is probably very slim ;)
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