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I encountered this issue in v2.1 and CD said they would work on it... so why does the 0xc0000142 error still remain?

Whatever the case, how can I fix this?

I know I can just download v2.0, but I'd rather play with the EE patch on.
And I have Lucid, and I am aware of the fact that the Witcher 2 and Lucid had some sort of falling out but I'd rather keep Lucid on my machine.

So, is there any way to fix this issue without removing the EE patch and Lucid? Thanks.
Tried this one?
grviper: Tried this one?
Tried the hotfix, worked perfectly. Thanks!
I can't open the hotfix .. someone help?
SkyResS: I can't open the hotfix .. someone help?
Did you transfer it into the "witcher 2" folder on your comp?