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If there is any word for the bad'er version of Placebo effect which defines interpretation to match ones own ideals of negative criticrisim and fuel it to either support or demerit a set of connected point from an absolute singular point of view to stimulate self survivability of previouly mentioned contradictory dialects by repeatedly mentioning a related specific term with un-supportive understanding or hate without any lack of appreciation in a multitude of queries by overwhelming further discussion by a magnitude of the later*, I would mention it now in a single word.

Just play Witcher 2 and enjoy the game..(phew)

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ounkeo: I don't want people to get me wrong here. I really like the game, I just think some of the most important parts fail quite hard, but that is my opinion. I'm all for new paradigms in the RPG space, but really Witcher lacks a lot of customisation options generally typical of RPG. It is RPG-lite.
There is some compromise involved. The game is based on a series of fantasy novels. The characters are well defined, fleshed out, and the story and how the plot unfolds are dependent on the hero's characteristics. In turn, players are asked to surrender their ability to customize things such as appearance, classes, deities, and race. Keep in mind though, there are still many "customization" you can make, e.g. choices and consequences (plot progression, big one), skill development, equipment, etc - these are the less superficial customizations. I think this is a good compromise given that we get a great and tightly-knitted story in exchange, which is not possible if you can have the degree of customization seen in the likes of some other RPGs.

ounkeo: As for hack and slash spamming, the previous reply to me was of course correct. I don't do that on bosses but I do that on everything else. In most cases I don't even pop any abilities. I'm just really good at spamming my space bar! Enemies telegraph their attacks so there's a good deal of time to react and it is quite easy to figure out that groups are trying to encircle you. rolling around is simply very effective at countering the masses of mobs in the game. by in large, the game can be circumvented by rolling around and striking quickly. It's not an exploit, just the way it was designed. It's uber cheesy but I'd rather use that than a defensive system that may or may not work.
I do spam the spacebar a lot. Mix that in with potions, cast the occasional Yrden or AoE Aard, and leap attack a far away enemy with LMB, RMB when in range, and put obstacles between me and the mob, wait until the enemy finishes their combo and strike while he is recovering, incite inter-faction fighting (often which the drowners emerge victorious - puns intended). It probably is just me, but I don't really find the whole combat system to be a spam fest.

To respond to your other points, block/parry not as useful when un-upgraded, esp. when you can only block the enemy where you're aiming at. Interacting via mouse. But blocking an attack staggers your opponent giving you a free hit, sometimes easier than rolling at the back and sneak attack. Riposte is even better.

For looting/interacting, it is sometimes a pain in the ass. But walking (holding down shift) instead of running mitigates the problem a lot. You can press "Space" to loot all. Mouse is software-emulated hence the sluggishness (not overly) but I (and many others) got used to it. It is still somewhat sluggish even if your PC can perfectly handle the graphics.

While there are some parts/bugs that I don't like, I don't agree with descriptions such as "Clickfest", "100% consoled", "extremely limited RPG", "the combat is one unmitigated disaster", "The mechanics fail. The UI fails and the combat fails".

But heck I might be wrong. *Maybe* fast-paced, twitch-based, action-oriented games belong to the territory of consoles after all, and bringing such games to PC is blasphemy.
vAddicatedGamer: But heck I might be wrong. *Maybe* fast-paced, twitch-based, action-oriented games belong to the territory of consoles after all, and bringing such games to PC is blasphemy.
Not at all. I've played a number of action based games on the PC without complaint. Batman being the most recent. I thought that was a well executed system.

I may try out the stagger on block/parry as you suggested. I have a tendancy to save points in my RPGs, so I've got plenty to spend.

I agree, although not wholy. I don't think the combat sucks ass for example, i thought it was exactly pretty fun. And when things started to look bad for me and i died a couple of times i was like "fuck those guys im going to kill them!"... and i just did. With a heroic braveheart cry.

But yes this is an action rpg, not an action adventure. still, it has pretty some action in it and the controls of the combat are not as fluid as i would wish for them to be. I could name god of war or darksiders... are those genre's really so far of? the only difference is a little bit of freedom... there is enough rpg-ish shit in darksiders for example.

I don't think that those other guys should just praise this game to the high heavens because if you look at it in a critical way that you will come to see that there are some flaws that can be annoying. for example;

1 - Geralts moves seem to go at random sometime, for example when he charges an enemy all of a sudden that is out of range and then he gets hit instead of dealing damage. Seriously, the witcher 2 is based on where your screen is pointed at... while i target my movement towards the enemy so it should be that the charachter attacks the way i am moving towards and not looking towards, every fucking action game nowadays works that way and it's not a commercialsm thing.

2 - Geralt seems to be delated a second or so between movements as someone already pointed out. So geralt just stands there unresponsive while any normal human being would've already, for his own lives sake, listened to my command to defend his ass. So at that point some starts to swing his sword at me while im defenseless (in that ittbitty second). Am i supposed to button-bash the right trigger of my controller here?

3 - So the signs are finally balanced in this game? Well.. i played through it on normal and the only thing i used in chapter 3 was quen... the others weren't really doing anything more usefull as quen keeps me alive when i get lazy and fuck up.

4 - Blocking and vigor were linked? I played out the game and i still didn't know what vigor was. haha! How fun is that i just finished a game without knowing something about a very important game mechanic...

5 - Last fun fact! I beat the dragon, and did most of the damage attacking her then rolling away while she snapped at me and by quikly attacking again she tried to snap at me again. I repeated this until i beat her... took away like 40% of her life before i couldn't sustain it anymore. I had more of these funny exploit thingies along the way ^^

Btw i love this game. CD projekt is one of the few awesome developers out there releasing FREE downloadables.

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olanorig: ....

I played other rpg but by far the Witcher 2 combat system is the most enjoyable. You attack the foes by not having your feet fix into the ground. I don't really give a damn if it was 'made for console' game in my pc because I really enjoy the game. I don't really pay attention to bugs or glitches, just restart the game and it will gone. I brought the game to have a good time and Witcher 2 delivers it. And why complain if it was a console game? I still have NES emulator in my pc so that I could still play old Mario, Contra into my pc.
ounkeo: We aren't complaining about consoles; we're complaining about designing a console system into a PC only release because the devs had every intention to port this game to the console. That was their end goal.

Talking to IGN, CD Projekt RED’s Jan Bartkowicz said: “You can play The Witcher 2 with joypad – it’s implemented. The whole interface is designed with console in mind, in fact”

I just found that and pretty much explains my frustratiosn with the mechanics and control system. CDProjekt have said constantly that they are PC first but this release was very misleading. It was designed for consoles and released on the PC. It fullfills their statement but in a roundabout way. We usually take that to mean they are focussed on designing their games for the PC, no tparticularly that they will release on PC first. This game was released on the PC first but it was designed for a console. the consequence is that we get controls that are not at all optimal for the PC but for console gaming.

There is nothing wrong with console gaming, but we cannot have products designed for another system and expect it to be effective/efficient.

I know many people will like the combat system of TW2 because it's fast and realtime. I have no issues with that. I have issues with it being clunky for our platform and it goes beyond the combat system. It works but it is clunky. it could work a whole lot better. In an RPG, it is sub-optimal. We're locked into the limitations of the game controller using our keyboard and mouse. bugs i can forgive. Bugs on a sub-optimal system, i cannot forgive.

Anyway, I'm already committed so nothing to it but to get my money's worth. If I chore my way past the combat and UI, I get to the story, which is superb.
Try going out to play with a real stick and getting hit on your fingers and then come back to play the witcher while you comfortably sit on your desk. If you still don't like it, you should stop whining and go back to those games you like.
It's a bit funny that people complain about the random direction jumping. I can see it being annoying, but personally I quite like it.

Especially in some battles (like the forests in act I) where monsters can pop out from anywhere. I notice sometimes that if I'm busy smashing away in one direction, and some other monster appears on the side or behind, gerald will auto turn and start smashing the said other monster.

Which personally I found made things easier because there's no top down view anymore.

Signs targetting (seemingly) randomly is still annoying though.
It's not random, it's because they used a first person approach (action thingy in the middle of the screen instead of what the charachter is facing) that geralt attacks someone else. You're moving constantly and when the screen shifts and you don't adjust your view the target also shifts.

Again, they're using a first person function in a third person game. (there isn't even somekind of crosshair, and even that would only be ugly like oblivion =p)
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hmm... 'seemingly' random would have been a better term I guess.

Sometimes I can center my screen on a target and it hits right, sometimes he jumps around and it's just confusing, even if that's expected behaviour.

A thing i'd like would be if they highlighted the target, so at least when i'm rushing at a group i know who i'm going to hit and can adjust more easily. Especially important for spells.