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Sogi-Ya: The hard difficulty is what makes it a great game!

in the Witcher (2) the puzzle is how to overcome multiple enemies in short order. everyone is complaining that Gearalt is now suddenly a big pansy because he can't play superman and wade in, however to my eyes Gearalt has always been more of a Batman than a Superman. His greatness comes not from sheer physical prowess, but from outsmarting his opponents and chewing through their ranks by striking at the most vulnerable until there is nothing left to strike at.
This pretty much hits the nail on the head. Having combat that is actually challenging makes the game a more solid experience. When you see 6 drowners running at you, you don't have the same reaction as you did in the Witcher 1. Witcher 1 I would laugh and kill them in a couple of shots with the group style. In the Witcher 2, I have to prepare for each fight and actually think about how I'm going to handle each enemy. It makes for a quite a fulfilling experience.