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I was soooo waiting for this game, and so far I am not terribly disappointed (combat is too difficult and annoying, but manageable, and as I upgrade it will maybe be better).

Now to the system specs.
The game is well optimised (for DX9.0c of course, DX11 would have run a lot smoother) but the system settings are annoying hard to figure out. I can't tweak them in game and therefore I kinda don't know how do I get it to work the best on my system.
I have an
Overclocked ASUS GTX 460
AMD Phenom X3 2.3Ghz Triple-core
8GB of RAM
Windows 7x64

So any help? I think it would be useful if other could also use this topic so we could have a topic where people could look up their best system settings.
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