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Is it just me, or is the sword fighting tree far more appealing than the other two?

My problem with the Magic tree is that you have to upgrade several different signs on the way to the top. In terms of combat that seems like it'd be clumsy because you have to keep using the CTRL menu to pick a different sign. Also, if the combat progresses as it did in the first game, I really would only focus on a couple of signs in the first place.

The Alchemy tree just seems like it would be really expensive in combat. All those oils, traps, and potions are definitely going to add up, and I'm not sure how effective it would be overall.

On the other hand, your swords are going to get a lot of use, and it seems to be the primary combat skill. Being able to counter attack seems to be extremely important based on the early fighting, at least.

It definitely seems like the trees are designed to encourage specialization, since all three trees have heavy +vitality talents near the top. I guess it depends on how many total levels/talent points you will get during the game, but I really see no reason against getting most of the sword talents first.
I can tell you, at least the first few skill(s) of alchemy are vital even for a sword focused skilling

Theres a HUGE difference whether your scatter bomb does 20-40 or 40-80, mainly because its an AOE weapon, and it does that damage to ALL enemies in its range so at least the Alchemy skill (literally called that in the Alchemy Skill Tree) should be on LvL 2 - as for magic, i am not sure what to make of it. As people no doubt noticed, the game is frigginabysmalomish HARD - on Normal. And Magic seems to leave you too vulnerable while it recharges... but then again, you don't have to go "pure" mage.

So don't be sqeemish about bombs, they are awesome. Its super fancy hand-grenades, and you can make them via alchemy (and not crafting) which is a big bonus. And nothing speaks Witcher more than throwing hand-grenades at undead.
Going solid-magic-path is just as viable. AoE Aard, double-possession Axii, chain-lightning Quens... oh yeah. The sword path might be the easiest to not think about, but they all seem viable as a focus.
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I've heard that at high levels the Alchemy tree is ridiculously powerful. With the right potions it's possible to kill major boss enemies with just a few hits. But it definitely requires a different playstyle, where you have to keep track of ingredients and which potions to take at which times. The swordsman tree is more straightforward, but not necessarily more powerful.
first upgrade the position skill (the one that makes back stab damage from 200% to 150% and then second upgrade of that skill backstab damage is 100%)

and then work your way into magic
first upgrade the ARD sign (force push)
and then upgrade the QUEN sign (the one that protects you)

after that fully upgrade quen and ARD (ard sign can stun both humans and monsters)

and then upgrade what you think is best for you
For me, swords. It has some skills which are musts for every build, like riposte (it even gets a character ability when used many times, for big chance of automatic riposte when only blocking blows, plus it is a giant asset in situations like iorveth/roche duel and the eternal battle where you do not have control of geralt himself) and the one that makes enemy backstabs deal no more than 100% damage (backstabs are known to cause 200%, so it is a lifesaver, especially on dark).

The best way though is to begin with skills of your choice, get 2/2 imregnation (and any other alch skill you choose until unlocking that), open fully one tree of your choice (for getting as many mutagen slots as possible), put your greater (or highest quality available) mutagens in place, have your talents rerolled at the vran chamber and reopen the skills with mutagens, WITHOUT impregnation or alch skills; this way the bonuses and mutagens are kept, active and stacking. Then spend the rest as you see fit.