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Shaderhacker: Agreed 100% with this post!

I'd like to add variable walking speed to the right analog stick. I would like to walk faster, but not run. This would be an excellent addition!
There ARE two walking speeds on the LEFT stick. You have to push very softly to find them both. But the faster speed is still too slow to make for a good transition between walk and run. So maybe that needs so be sped up a bit.
astrallite: Stabilizing the controller so it doesn't spin and give you nausea as soon as you walk through a doorway would help.
I thought that's not controller specific, but seeing that almost nobody complains about this, makes me wonder. It really is nasty and I often close my eyes in doorways, because it completely throws my equilibrium.
Post edited July 09, 2011 by AudreyWinter
I find that the right stick sensitivity is set way way way way to high. If we had an option to set this, it seem that would fix a lot of these issues.

The mouse settings have absolutely nothing to do with the camera flying wildly around you, it is the right stick only. I have switched to a wired mouse, and even no mouse at all, and the problem is still there.

The latest Update got my hopes up. I just really want to play, but I am not going to go through yet another install just to find out the problems are still there.

Hope this problem has a cure, and goes away.