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Well its been many months since i visited these forums. Let me again explain my situation. I bought the witcher 2 the day it came out from GOG. I decided to within the first week start playing insane mode. It was very hard but challenging. I got through the intro and into act 1. I didn't talk to anyone in act 1 only began farming neckars in the caves until i believe i was max lvl for the act i think lvl 14 and could no longer get xp from any monster kills.

It took me weeks i mean weeks to get to this lvl and not die using the barest of minimum skills i think i had like 11 or 12 skill points left. I wanted to create a template start so i could try all the different skill trees and choices in the game to try them all.

Finally i hit lvl 14 i think it was and did a save. Finally i thought my template, i never want to do that again.

At the time there were constant patches being released and it wasn't always easy which patch to use and in what order. After a couple of failed attempts to patch the game, i think it was the one that added the barber in act 1. I finally got the game patched correctly, like i said after at least 2 errors.

I load up my game and to my horror there is a skull over the save game saying i died. I know for a fact, i mean 100% i did not die.

I even contact cd proj red and they said they couldn't help me.

So believe me or not this is what happened. So is there a program or an easy to follow guide to restore that incorrectly marked dead save game. I haven't been here in months almost a year and am hoping some progress has been made in restoring "dead" marked insane level difficultly saved games.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
I'm afraid you might be screwed. A template to try all of the different options sounds like a decent idea but making a template on an Insane run sounds rather bad. Your template would get nuked if you get killed somewhere in Chapter 3 of your first playthrough.

I've seen people mentioning ways of getting back Insane files but they were talking about running some kind of a program on your PC while you're playing. That won't work for you since the save is already marked as dead.

Sounds like it might be time to restart... I understand that it would be a rather upsetting thing since you didn't die but the game is so much fun, at least to me, that I'd do it. Just wouldn't make my template on Insane run.