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My game is about to finish the download.
Same here!
Grunthex: My game is about to finish the download.
Mine has finished, its combining now... woohoo.. :)
Doesn't appear you can download via browser yet, so hope you guys are all using the downloader!
Grunthex: My game is about to finish the download.
Yeah it's true at least yujuuuu!!!
Hot Fudge!
All good! :) Happy times
Downloaded, and combining. Soon it's time to... go babysit my sister's kid, argh! Oh well, shouldn't take more than an hour, but pretty damned annoying timing. :)
I'm downloading also the goodies now!!!

Yay! Indeed!
W00t! Game combining as we speak :)
The download completed, but i can't launch the installer : (

edit: It gives me an error: "The setup files are corrupted. Please download a new copy of the program."
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The combining is taking longer than the downloading! GO GO GO GADGET COMBINING POWERS!
Finalizing the download now, just combining and having an integrity check. If this goes wrong I will cry...