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I am really excited about these tools, I've never done modding before, hopefully I'll have some fun.

Will CDPR provide documentation and/or training videos via the bonus content on gog.com? I'd love to download a training video rather than have to use a playlist on Youtube.
I hope they provide a how-to. For that matter, I hope it's easy to use! CDPR seems to design smart games, so I hope their modding tools are even smarter than those for Skyrim/Oblivion/New Vegas. ^.^
New info in with the REDKit


How could you not be excited for this? Not only a one in a million chance to commune with the developer in order to make both modding and creation of further games easier, but a versatile toolset which could allow you to create so much! I've had a mod on the backburner ever since I played through The Witcher 2, and I can finally give some light to its world! I just need to get my hands on it.
Holy crap are you serious?! 23 minutes to make that? It looks even better than I imagined! This is gonna be so awesome! I just hope you can make new playable characters.

Thanks for that link, GoodGuy. :)
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