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Yakkuz: Just a question:

To cradt Kayran Armor you need Kayaran Skin...but Kayaran Tissue and Eyes could be safetly selled or the have an use in crafting?
I saw no use for tissue or eyes.
As far as I'm concerned, the primary stat for armor is...the armor value. In that regards, Kayrans is not really an upgrade over Ravens.

Resistances make very little difference in most fights, though they do in a few, and only at the hard or insane settings.

Throw in the fact that each act has much better weapons and armor than the previous act, then depending on WHEN in Act 1 you actually make Kayran's armor, it becomes even less compelling to make.

I also dislike hoods. So, for me, Kayran's armor is pointless, since if I cared about resistances, I'd just use Hunter's armor, which is found within the same Act and has great resistances. Though all three; Kayrans, Hunters, Raven are almost immediately replaced in Act 2.

If, however, I played a default game with no save import and didn't do the Troll Trouble DLC, Kayran's armor seems to actually have a place in progression. Outside of that rather unique set of happenances, I think it totally worthless. :p Unless you like hoods.
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svetko: oh, i see. just found the reinforcement diagram too - Cedric sells it, thanks!
glosoli: I prefer Hunter's Armor to them (Troll Trouble Quest). I don't like how Kayran Armor looks. It makes Geralt look like a Drow Assasin or Yuan-Ti.
Ah... this clears things up then... The guide says we get Raven Armor schematics from the Troll contract but I only found a Hunter Armor one in my inventory. I thought the name got changed or something.
wait, I didn't know you can loot the Kayran? Is there anyway for me to go back and do that after the battle is over?
withateethuh: wait, I didn't know you can loot the Kayran? Is there anyway for me to go back and do that after the battle is over?
yes but i doubt the loot would still be there. follow the path while you went to get some KAyran Mukus for the potion.