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So I've downloaded my version from I played the game back in October, when it was like patch 2.x. Game ran flawlessly, could not complain. Ever. Now? The game still runs fluently, but crashes to desktop on random loading screens (entering buildings, switching zones, loading saves) with no obvious pattern. Sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes after an hour. I did not have those problems back then, and my hardware hasn't changed at all, except that I now have a second monitor plugged into my PC.

Those are the things I tried:
lowering graphics settings
runnung as admin
updating every driver imaginable
running in windowed mode
unplugging the second monitor

The game played in October was on Steam, though. Unfortunately my account is no longer accessible (well could be but it would be too much hassle for too little), so that's no option.

My hardware:
HD6950 with 2GB VRAM
Win7 64bit
The game is installed on an SSD.

Would be thankful for any kind of help.
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