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I found this guy in the Loredo's Mansion after i slay the Karyan. He told me somthing like "Ah, so you''ve found me. I have something in my coffer for you, it could be useful to a witcher" but i can't figure out whati he gave to me (and who he is...)
Interesting, never heard of this.

You found him in the mansion during the Roche sequence? Or could you simply enter during the evening as usual.
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********************** SPOILEEEEEEEEEEERZZZZZ ************************

After "making a deal" with him during the first time we talked in his manor, at evening (ZOltan and Dandelion will be free if i Kill the Karyan), and after killing the fishy beast i could enter also during day, fully armed, he's patrolling in his garden near his tug training and there is this guy near the chest and the armor on the pedestal, just in front of the campdfire.
He gave me something, maybe a "Red Haze" formula, but i'm not sure and i don't have a save right before talking to him.
So no path chosen yet.
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Good to know. I'll take a look at it in my next playthrough, after the patch is released.

Maybe somebody else could answer your question in the meantime, however.

(i.e. bumping for great justice)
Yakkuz: I found this guy in the Loredo's Mansion after i slay the Karyan. He told me somthing like "Ah, so you''ve found me. I have something in my coffer for you, it could be useful to a witcher" but i can't figure out whati he gave to me (and who he is...)
I found out. He gives you the Red Haze formula (a bomb recipe), just as you though.
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But does anyone know why he does this? I don't recognize his name at all from earlier in the story. Perhaps it's just a loose thread from something that got cut?
3 playthroughs and still no idea who this guy is, and why he acts like you should know him.

Maybe he was part of a cut quest?

EIther way, right now, he's just a reward for exploration (when you shouldn't have much reason to return to Loredo's estate).
I posted this question on stackexchange, one respondent had an interesting hypothesis to which you may be able to comment since you've played through it multiple times:
Well, the "woman" in flotsam is actually a family.

But if this guy escaped La Valette due to you saving him, there are a few problems:
1) I doubt he'd have a chest since La Valette was pillaged (and Geralt cleaned up the rest)
2) I doubt he'd bring a smithing apron, and stand near weapons&armor... this guy may be Loredo's provider instead
3) He's pretty cheerful for a guy who got his home ransacked and barely escaped with his life
4) He doesn't mention La Valette

I really don't remember meeting this guy at all. And I can even remember the faces of the schmucks who want to lynch Prince Penis.

He's really out-of-place. My previous theories are still more likely (cut quest or exploration reward), at least from where I'm standing.

Every other npc that meets Geralt with such friendliness (dwarf book guy, apprentice sorceress vendor, yarpen zigrin, etc) usually ends up with an "I lost my memory" reply, or with the npc explaining the circumstances (people saved from la valette, people saved from flotsam, etc.)
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I think he may have been mentioned in one of the books. I've only read the The Last Wish and Blood of Elves, and it was a long time ago. Has anyone here read the books more recently and can comment?

I noticed alot of things that seem to come from the books and not the first Witcher game.
Another reasonable answer came up on the stackexchange question I linked above.
He is doctor Who incognito :-)
My guess - he's just a reward for an exploration.

His dialog makes no sence to me otherwise.

I mean - can you imagine a guy in an apron asking Geralt to find him at Loredo's mansion (of all the places...) after killing the kayran?

Well, and if he never told Geralt to find him what else could the words "You found me" mean if not the exploration?

If he's a remanant of a cut content I have trouble imaging that content.

Although it's possible that part of the meaning was lost in translation...
Guys...sorry, you all have got it wrong. He is a guy that Geralt had helped before the start of the Witcher 2 game, but after the end of Witcher 1.During the prologue, right after you leave Triss' tent, he is standing a short way downwards (close to Newboy and Crinfrid reavers) the hill.

If you talk to him, Geralt asks him about a payment/reward for a job done, but he insists on giving you the reward only after the battle. You can meet him after finishing the "Indecent proposal" quest in chapter I, and then entering Loredo's courtyard again.

HE IS NOT the one who gives you the advice about Kayran's trap (that is Raymond Tassel).
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