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Installed the game and wow, massive graphical issues. Mainly orange glow everywhere and I can only really see silhouettes of objects, and Geralts eyes.

ATI 4870 tried with 10.4 and 11.5 drivers
AMD 5200x2
Win7 x64 UAC disabled
Tried messing around with game video settings, no dice.

Also Printscreen doesn't make a screenie, neither does lightscreen work.. if I added it to steam as a 3rd party game would the overlay work? Don't think it does.... so how could I get a screenshot?

Gog support suggested I install the AMD Dual Core Optimizer, but it is already installed.
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Normally something like that's a driver issue, you sure your graphics drivers are up to date?
And if screenshot isn't work and you really need one, pointing a camera at your screen is a last resort, but it should work
Go into Catalyst control Center and turn off AA in the options, in the readme it says it conflicts with the ingame version
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Seriously, most likely a driver issue, try to see if you are using a forced setting in the Catalyst Center ^^

Or make a clean install of the drivers by using DriverSweeper from Guru3D, sometimes setups leaves old files that corrupts the new ones...
Love you! Disabled AA, Adaptive AA, and AF in control centre and it's fixed. I'm going to play around with settings then play the game after dinner.