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i will try my best to explain this to it is quite messed downloaded the blackbox ripped version of witcher 2 on another pc.........there was a file called "SETUP1.bin" it was of 4.12gb i split it into 7 parts using winrar .....700 mb each ............but while copying the files to my pc mistake i deleted the 7th i have 6 parts each of 700mb each and their total size is 4.10 gb ......that means the 7 th part was of about 20MB ..................but I dont have it due to which I cant play the if anyone of you has the BLACKBOX setup .......then can you please split the "SETUP1.bin" file into volumes of 700 mb each and upload the 7th part , i.e , of 20mb and give me the link ???? really need ur help ............plzzz help me if possible..........dying to play it :(
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Why the Hell would you come on a forum owned by the game's developer and ask for help with a pirated copy of the game.

Reported. Drop dead, filthy pirate.
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click on this link
there's a little green button on the right side of the screen; click it, then follow the on-screen instructions
you'll get a perfect copy of it, guaranteed free of DRM and other viruses.
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