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Some may consider there to be spoilers in this so if that worries you don't read on.

For the second time now this quest has seemingly bugged out on me while playing the game on insane. I meet Anezka at the shrine, she starts the ritual, and wraiths spawn, without end, until I die, or most recently, run away to exit combat.

If I exit combat I will not be able to save the game, I even went on and defeated Letho hoping that would bump the game into a savable state but no luck. Just says "cannot be saved at this time", there is no save option in the menu, and autosaves no longer occur.

I fought wraiths from midnight until the sun came up. Stopped gaining experience once I hit lvl 17 (possibly the level cap of chapter 1?)

I finally had to depart for work, so I opened the task manager and shut down the game from there hoping when I return I can just load from the last save.

Anyone else have this issue?
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the problem is, anezka goes into the "scared" state if you draw your sword before she starts the casting animation.

just wait a second or two, check to see if she indeed started the animation, and then draw your sword. that should do it.
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Ye she should be scarred, think I took out almost 700 wraiths lol.

Good to know though. Thanks for the info,
What eCos said... I had this happen, as have many others. Don't draw your sword until after the wraiths appear and you have moved from the spot you were talking to her.
even if you do it right, that quest was the hardest non boss fight of chap 1. I think i killed about 15 wraiths. that was hard. glad I prep for it :P
Normally there is only 2-3 waves of wraiths for me. Dont usually pay attention just do my thing taking them down. Then all of a sudden my cat poption wears off and I'm like WTF? Shouldnt this be over already? Then swallow and rook fall off and I knew I was done for. That's how my first insane run ended, didn't have the presence of mind to just GTFO lol.
eCos: the problem is, anezka goes into the "scared" state if you draw your sword before she starts the casting animation.
I guess I was lucky, then. Because I like to prepare traps for the wraiths and you cannot set traps without drawing your sword. Anezka kept asking me what I was doing and I found it kind of funny, that my preparation would surprise her like that.

The wraith attack went just as intended after that, though.

@Verican, just to clear the timeline up for me: did you fight wraiths from midnight to morning in real time? Because you mentioned going to work after that...
Lol no, I meant in-game time. I would have to be insane to sit there for 6 hours killing wraiths expecting something different to happen.

In game time I think I sat there killing them for maybe 20-30 minutes before attempting to break combat and continue on with the game. Unfortunately getting out of combat and sheathing your sword won't break Anezka's fear loop and allow the quest to progress.
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