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Hi to all, I'm a Slackware user and I had a problem starting the Witcher 2 because it complained of missing libraries.

One of those libraries was

As pheraphs many of you already know, Slackware (thankfully) doesn't ship systemd as a init.
There are many many distros without it, so I though that it would have been a good Christmas gift to the Linux community to actually write somewhere how to solve it.

It was quite easy to tell you the truth... however, being the binary witcher2 statically linked, ldd doesn't show which libraries does it need to run, so I had to watch the output in console to find out it needed libsystemd and figure out WHICH of the other libraries in the folder required it.

It looks like it was!

Slackware ships with exactly the same version, but it's NOT (obviusly) linked to systemd, so


In order to use The Wicher 2 on any Linux Distro just REMOVE the from the game folder.

The game will then looks for it in the system directories and not complain about missing and useless (from a game prospective) libraries!

Happy Christmas!

PS to the devs, thanks for porting the game on linux, however this kind of silly inconvenients are going to make you sell less copies of the game in the long run. Many people are still not trusting systemd, so it's better to leave the as an OPTION or, at the very least, warn the customer on what to do in order to run the game on non-debian based distro!
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The solution is working on my Gentoo!
Thank you so much.