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Okay, I've searched and found a previous post on this issue in the Steam forums, but it wasn't a real solution. Checking across the internet, that was the only post I could find that was the exact same issue I'm having right.

I'm beginning to think it's probably just poor optimization. And believe me, my machine is fairly new as I rebuilt it in 2020: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with a GTX-1660 OC, 16GB RAM. However, this issue has existed since I purchased the game when it first game out so many years ago.

The issue is when I bring up the Quick Menu on my XBox 360 Controller (both wired and wireless). When I press down on Left Trigger, the menu pops up. But when I try to either hit "A" to meditate or use the stick or d-pad to choose either a sign or weapon or bomb/dagger, it doesn't work on the first try. I have to try it again and then it works. After that, as long as I haven't left the Quick Menu screen, the game immediately responds to button presses or directional change with the stick or d-pad. If I leave the Quick Menu screen and come back in, then the input lag appears again and I have to repeat the action (A button or movement) to get it to finally respond.

This same issue does NOT occur if I play with keyboard and mouse. I hit Left-Control and then use the movement keys (WASD) and it immediately responds. It's only with a controller that there is this initial refusal to accept the input unless I try it a second time.

I own this game on both Steam and GOG and this issue occurs on both editions.

Any ideas if there ever was a fix?