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Im running the game on a mediocre system and have tried everything i could research on how to pass this
I lowered my res, raised sensitivity, switched between difficult qtes and nothing seems to work. I get the bar full with the LMB and still get shaken off by the monster. Space is prompted as ppl said it should be. the bar doesnt disappear until i've been shaken off even when full.
I really like this game so i would really appreciate a solution to this problem

(save file in case anybody just wants to pass it for me)
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This question / problem has been solved by 227image
You have to patch to 1.1 if you haven't already, then 1.2 for this kayran-deadified save to work (I can tell you're not patched to 1.2 based on the size of the save you uploaded):

It might be that your computer just can't handle the game so it doesn't count the clicks. Hard to say without more information, really.
ok i've patched to 1.2 and the save works.
Thanks alot!!
I'm thinking the qtes was bugged beacuse i needed to patch, well idk
Thanks again