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I ran the game and it says there's a patch available. So I click OK, and it takes me to the downloader, but the downloader says I'm not connected to the internet and so I can't download it.

Well that's not true, as you can obviously see that I have internet since I'm posting this message, and my internet connection was working fine at the time that I tried the patch. And I've tried at different times, over the course of 3 days.

Is there a workaround for this, or can I download the enhanced edition elsewhere?
Well, I can't diagnose your Internet connection, but you must have something that is blocking the download - your AV or a firewall?

At any rate, it would be easiest to simply start the game from the executable, rather than the launcher - and go to the main Witcher site to download the patches manually -
Thanks, the download from that link is working :)

It's just kind of stupid that I can't de-select French and German voice-overs that are about a gigabyte in size each... I can't speak either of those, only English, why do I have to download those ones?