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At the very beginning as soon as the witcher gets out of bed there is a glitch that continues the floor raises up and i am half under it. I have tried reinstalling the game twice and upgrading and downgrading graphics card drivers. I have even tried all the different graphical changes i can make. I am unable to play the game in this state. Please help me.
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Have you tried starting a new game instead to see if the problem repeats itself?
Ow yes probably 15 times now with different graphic settings. I have tried a bunch of things in catalyst control center to. I have amd 6950.
Did you use an imported save? If not or if you're not that bothered, I could upload a save outside of the tent for you.
Thanks for offer mate but i just worked it out. Turns out i had to add some more voltage to the graphics card in ccc. Runs great now. Pff all that time wasted not playing. Loving the game. Thanks again.