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here's the problem I had pre-ordered the steam version of the game when it first came out (not the enhanced edition) and after quite some time I decide to play it again and when I click to start playing it starts downloading the enhanced edition, at that moment I thought "oh that's cool, a free upgrade!" so I let it download and install. When it was over I start up the game get the launcher click play and get to see that awesome new cinematic then my screen becomes black with no sound no cursor nothing and I wait like that for 20mins when I decide to press Alt+Tab ... nothing so I go for the Cntrl+Alt+Del and see the witcher 2 status is on not responding so I got it to close through processes because "end task" button wouldn't work either anyway I thought something went wrong because I had installed a few was a while ago I didn't remember what was installed and what wasn't so I uninstalled the game completely then reinstalled it, same problem, and by the way skipping cinematics just freezes it on the image I'm on ...
anyway I went on forums all over the net and saw that the steam version was having issues and had seen the nice link on the launcher so I uninstalled from steam and installed from gog using my CD-KEY still no change, I looked all over for 3 days and couldn't find someone with the same problem...
So if I missed something or you have any Idea what my problem is can you please help

also I'm very noob with computers so I'll probably need a lot of guidance.
thx in advance and sorry for the long message above

OK I found the solution though I don't understand how that helped but launching through the .exe fixed this problem (though I tried that yesterday but I think I hadn't installed the patch 3.2 yet)
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