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I'm having a hard time winning early game fist fights. Game is on easy setting. Any suggestions on gameplay for this event?
If you're using the keyboard, don't focus on the actual letters that pop up. They'll be one of the four movement buttons (WASD), and each will show up on a different part of the screen. W will always pop up on the top, A will always be on the left, D will always be on the right, and S will always be on the bottom. If you avoid focusing on anything specific and take the whole screen in, it should become much easier to see which direction is popping up and react in time.
wow the fist fights is basically the only thingi can manage in this game:P Just bought it from steam, and while I already like it a lot its crazy hard or was at least in the beginning, first fight in the whole game had me reload several times. Still,the game grows on you, I guess it goes the same for the fist fights