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First off thank you CD Projekt for such a great game! I have to say, this game has beaten anything Bioware or Bethesda has done, hands down this and Witcher one are my favourite RPGs to date and already I cannot wait for the 3rd one.

One of the aspects of the game a really enjoy was the importance of choice, often in the game I really found myself weighing my options heavily! I can think of a few times in the game when I would stare at the two dialogue( or other) options knowing that these choices would have consequences to characters I liked and I wanted to try to make the right ones... sometimes I would choose thinking it was the right one and then the "wrong" thing would happen! But that's life and all we could do was try to make the best of what is thrown at us, yes I could just reload, but I tired not to do that, for my first play through I really tired to accept what ever would come...

But that being said, I wish there was just a few more opportunities, let me explain my reasoning.. -SPOILER ALERT- I followed Roches path when given the choice right into Henselts camp and after spending a little time there soon realized that besides Zyvik I just didn't like any of the characters there.... they were all well done, just very easy to dislike. At that point and when I had to make my way to Vergen I had hoped, just like Zoltan, I could somehow join their side! Especially after Triss is stolen away by the Nilfgaardians there was no reason to stay and support Henselt. Henselt was clearly just a lecherous old tyrant and Saskia seemed truly to care for the people, so after meeting her and Zoltan in the mines I had hoped that I would be given the choice to switch sides and support her....

And of course the other issue I had with the game was clearly it's length, I get the feeling that when this game was in the planning stages they intended more, of course the is probably true for all games... but a game that let you level 2 or even 3 times between chapters or after missions is not that well paced. Really I think the game could have used a chapter like Murky Waters between 2 and 3... But I'm sure they did there best with what time they has and what they did is clearly amazing!

Anyway just my 2 cents, a good game and a company really worth supporting!
It kinda does feel like they crammed the ending, at least with my Iorveth run. The level progression as well seems predetermined, as if leveling has been tied too closely to plot events, and not my skill as a player. I'll have to play it again to be sure, but not without patch 1.3.