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I've been trying to play the witcher 2 for several days now but can't because of such erratic performance.
Ever since I started the game I first started on ultra settings and in the opening cut scenes where your running through the Forrest I was getting a good 30FPS with both my cards usage 99%. Then after that once I got to the cut scene in the dungeon my FPS plummeted to 10 because my GPU usage would not go above 30%.Stayed there until I got to the first playable battle then it went back to around 25FPS and 80% GPU usage. Rinse and repeat every cut scene part in the game I cant get above 10FPS, but in gameplay in buildings is similar for example climbing the ladders with the king again I could not get above 10FPS. But outside in open areas I'm getting a easy 40+FPS. Never have I played a game with such a varying frame rate! I have even tried lowering the settings to the lowest possible settings but except the resolutions still at 1920x1080, and that has not helped much maybe a 5FPS increase. I've reached a point where now a cut scene I get (don't want to be specific because of obvious spoiler reasons) I get such low FPS its actually skittering, I took a video of it I wanted to upload but I cant since the limits 2MBs.
Any Ideas how I can try and improve the slowdown?

CPU: Intel I7 920.
GPU Dual Gigabyte GTX 570s.
MB: Asus P6T Deluxe V1.
RAM: 6GBs Kingston DDR3
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64Bit.
Drivers: Nvidia 275.50 BETA.
Game version: 1.2
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you have a good rig. the problem is in the game. install the latest patches and stand in line for patch 1.3 that maybe will solve these problems with FPS. )
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Did you go through the basics? By that i mean reinstall drivers, or install current ones. Update DirectX. Download any hotfix from Nvidia? Turn off Ubersampling (Very demanding setting even on current top-of-the-line hardware).

These are the usual culprits.

Also update the game, and try to work out any problem angles.
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Hm. Maybe try the current stable Nvidia drivers instead of the beta?
Was the stutter fixed in past patches? At least it is/was a known issue with cutscenes on any rig whatsoever.

I have read about many people now with insane rigs and massive fps troubles, here on gog and on "forums". It's a game issue, afaik you can't do anything really. You could play on a weaker pc though, I've only heard about massive fps troubles with good hardware.

That your GPU is only used for 30% is mindboggling... that was the case on my rig (hd4850, dualcore 3,2ghz) before DRM was removed, but now it is a constant 100% after monitoring couple of hours of gameplay.
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Yes I have tried the 275.33WHQL drivers, the tech support guys recommended me to do that and it did not help. 1.2 is the latest game update so far, hopefully we will see a proper SLI profile and 3D profile from Nvidia soon. I did the trick with nvidia inspector that helped slightly, but not much.

Fixed it. I got into contact with the games developers and was told to uninstall my 3D drivers once I did that it's running quite well. I can now run it on ultra settings everything maxed out, even UberSampling on but I only get 20FPS with 50% GPU usage. When I turned the game off I turned UberSampling off so tomorrow see if that helps boot that up a little.
I'm happy with 30FPS, just seems weird why I'm getting such low GPU usage on such low frames.
So if anyone is still having performance issues I definitely recommend uninstalling 3D drivers. I know, not exactly the most convenient fix, but ill take what I can get.

I am actually having the same problems with crysis 2 after the HD texture pack and DX11. Before the patches I was getting a constant 60FPS and 99% GPU usage, but after the patches my GPU usage again wont go above 50%.

Also with Red Faction Armageddon, but only after cut scenes. Its really weird, I get 60FPS runs smoothly then once i get to a cut scene once it finishes I'm down to 5FPS. I have to exit the game normally by hitting alt enter then re enter the game and boom shes back up.

Also, what is a safe temperature for your GPUs to be running at?
Both my 570s are around 70-80 degrees Celsius and I normally play for around 2 hours, is that a safe temp to be running at? I really need to get a larger case, only got a antec 900 case too small for what I'm using it for.
Thanks for all the advice!
misterioes: I have read about many people now with insane rigs and massive fps troubles, here on gog and on "forums". I
??? There are no forums right now.
Nick1989: Also, what is a safe temperature for your GPUs to be running at?
Both my 570s are around 70-80 degrees Celsius and I normally play for around 2 hours,
It's a fine temperature. GPUs start to meld at around 120 degrees. It's max temp varies from chip to chip/manufacturer to manufacturer, but at 80 degrees your GPU is comfy :)
My GPU (hd4850) was running at 106° at 100% for 2 years for comparison. After installing rad2 cooler it's at 55 max now :))
Tried playing around with the settings today, for some reason no matter what I change I'm only getting max a 10FPS. For example last night I was playing it on uber settings, everything maxed out and was getting 20FPS. Now I'm playing the game on lowest settings, everything as low as it will go and am only getting 25-30 FPS. I'm even getting pretty much the same performance if I turn SLI off and just use one card.
We seriously need a patch, shame to see such a fantastic game spoiled by poor performance.
Hm, I keep my one GTX460 at 70C and play on uber sans ubersampling just fine. Disabled things like motion sickness though. ;)
I mean of course motion blur.
Yea motion blur is the first thing i adjust with my games, that and Vsync hate them both!
Just cant believe no matter what settings I change, i mean logic tells you if your getting say 30FPS on uber settings changing to lower settings would give you at least 15 more, but I don't, I'm lucky if I see 5.