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I've gotten to the exorcism of Sabrina at the stake she was burned at with no problem but I've come to what I figure is an odd bug I haven't seen anywhere else. When Sabrina is summoned and says the curse she seems to get sort of stuck. She just repeats her speech and curse over and over and Henselt does nothing. As far as I can see I can't move on in any way, I more or less need to just continue fighting wraiths endlessly. I was hoping someone had a solution or at least there were others with the same bug.
This question / problem has been solved by 227image
You have to kill a certain number of wraiths to move on, it's not a timed survival thing. Once you kill enough wraiths, it should trigger a cutscene.

So yeah, she'll repeat her curse a couple times. I don't think it's a bug, though.
Oh, thanks. I considered that but the objective said to protect Henselt until he finished the exorcism and just I hadn't killed enough to finish it, I suppose.
it is not a bug. I fought for 20 minutes or more don't remember, but surely it was a long fight.
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