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Well that's embarrassing -- a graphical bug was cutting off bottom of option menu. Delete please
Post edited May 17, 2011 by walruswaffle
walruswaffle: So, am I the only one who cannot stand subtitles yet can't find the option to disable them? Am I just blind, or is this terrible immersion breaking feature forced on us?
I usually would agree, but there are some points in the game when realism of sound overshadows utility, and I can't hear what a character is saying - glancing at the subs helps.

But yeah it's strange. As soon as the official forums are reloaded, try adding this to a list of things wantd in future patches, CDP actually reads those!
It's there. Options - Gameplay - Subtitles.
Revisor: It's there. Options - Gameplay - Subtitles.
Oh! Silly me.