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I'm having an issue with crafting items. If an item requires a different crafting item as an ingredient, or an item that's not sorted under the "Crafting" tab, then it shows up as zero when I try to craft.

For example, I need to craft Harpy Traps for a quest, and it needs Grapeshot Bombs and Phosphorescent Crystals. I have both of those things in my inventory, but when I go to a merchant to craft the traps, it shows me having 0/1 for both the bombs and crystals. I have both FCR and Zero Item Weight mods, and I tried disabling Zero Item Weight, but that didn't fix it, so I have a feeling it's FCR messing with item categories. I don't know how to fix it without disabling and reenabling FCR midgame every time I need to craft something, which I have a feeling will mess my game up something bad.

Incidentally, I'm pretty sure that crafting uses way more resources than it's supposed to. I bought a huge stack of Mandrake because I needed Quebirth, and after crafting one Thunderbolt, I didn't have enough left to craft a second one.

EDIT: The weirdness thickens. According to the Wiki, Diagram: Oil is supposed to require Necrophage Skin and Necrophage Oil, but in my game, it's listing as need Balisse and Essence of Water. What the hell is going on?
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fmsalchemist: I have both FCR and Zero Item Weight mods...
Is this the full truth, or do you use more cheats, mods, scripts etc.?

Anyway, read this instructive post thoroughly:

And don't complain: There are no bugs, it's a pebcak-case.
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