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I know Galaxy is in beta so there are probably still going to be a lot of issues. One of these issues for me is that I can't seem to activate any of the achievements in The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition.

I had originally downloaded and installed the older installer of TW2. I played TW2 up until chapter 1 without using Galaxy. I then installed Gog Galaxy, and at first it didn't pick up the game automatically. I had to manually add the game. After doing this, Galaxy picked it up, checked the game files and downloaded some extra stuff.

Now whenever I play TW2 ( I play it through Galaxy by clicking the green "play" button), the game plays just fine, Galaxy even records the amount of time I have spent playing the game, but new achievements aren't activating. Also Gog Galaxy isn't giving me achievements I have already achieved before I installed Galaxy (I suppose they probably haven't got round to adding that type functionality yet).

Is this happening to anyone else? Is there anything I can do on my side to try fix this?
I haven't received any achievements either. It looks like the function isn't in yet.. It's greyed out and says "coming soon" in the features options.
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That makes sense I suppose, lets hope they implement it soon. Thanks for the reply.
I believe they will start working when the overlay is in place.
Yes I have exactly same problem. I started a new game, played about 2 hours and I didn't get any of the achievements. Galaxy didn't even record the amount of time I played. Later I played again, still no achievements but now it shows the time I played.
Same here, part of being a Beta, i guess :)
Bro, i cant even download the game. "Server error".
Happens to me as well. Oh, well, not that they matter anyway.
I know there have been updates to GOG Galaxy. Has anyone tried recently to see if achievements for The Witcher 2 work?
As of the achivements are still not activated. I've played for a while and done things that should have triggered achievements. They are also still greyed out in the "Features" section in settings.
Hopefully achievements get implemented this tuesday so I don't have to replay certain parts of witcher 3 to get achievements
I recently played Witcher adventure game and I actually unlocked achievement in Galaxy. Still doesn't work with the Witcher 2 though.
Is there anywhere a Roadmap, where you can see, when they plan to implement certain features?
MoralApostel: Is there anywhere a Roadmap, where you can see, when they plan to implement certain features?
Sorry, not that I know of.
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well i think gog is trash dont think it will live long and prosper gg