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I've been fiddling around with The Witcher 2 again, what with the achievements finally implemented.

I don't seem to get the overlay working. I'm on Artix Linux for all my gaming and it's a pretty big hassle to get DX9 and lately also DX12 games to work with the overlay (other than that it's acceptable with the usual fiddling on a case by case basis). I run W2 and GOG Galaxy over Lutris, so latest Wine-GE-Proton and dxvk. Usually if I have dx9 translated to dx11 with the help of DGVoodoo it'll show an overlay and I can use it for screenshots etc. Like in the case of "Of Orcs and Men" (Latest dgvoodoo fixes the shadows for me so that's good to go). This is not the case here even with DX9 to DX11. I don't even get the usual default mouse cursor overlayed on the screen when I shift-tab.

Question is, is the overlay even implemented in this game, yet? On windows, I mean. How would that work with completed achievements if not? My guess is, it will not pop up but register nonetheless.

Can anybody shed some light on that, give me some heads-up?

Post edited May 21, 2023 by TSC0815
No, the shift + tab overlay is not yet implemented in this game on Windows. Completed achievements pop up and register normally.