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I just bought the pack with all the Witcher games.

As the 3rd and even the 2nd installments are a bit slow on my current PC (I ordered a new one), I started playing the 1 which runs nicely with all graphics option at max.

The fact is that after some times I hear one of my fans run at full speed (it suddenly makes a huge noise) and then my PC shuts off. I guess this is the temperature protection in action. This happended twice in several sessions, bot times while playing dice (although I guess this is just a circumstance).

I have had a look and do not see any graphical option like limiting fps.

Also when the game is running my display emits a strange noise which differs depending on the resolution by is present even at 1024x768.

Anyone experienced such issue ? Any solution ?

[EDIT] I created a specific profile in the Nvidia pannel (Btw I have a gtx 570). I do not hear the strange noise. For the overheating part I have yet to test.

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Your system's components are designed to run correctly at maximum load and not overheat. If you have an overheating issue, that suggests either insufficient cooling of your system components, or hardware damage of some kind.

The issue may also not be overheating, it could be power draw. If you have a dying power supply then it may not be able to deliver enough power to your system components, resulting in hard crashes under load. Unfortunately, telling this apart from overheating can often be a bit difficult without having a spare power supply to test with.
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Thanks for the answer.

I play many games, Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm, Wasteland 2 at maximum graphics and have no issue. Ok Wasteland 2 makes the system overheats a little bit but not as drastically as making the fan suddenly work at max speed and shuts off the computer.
In the past I also played Skyrim and Fallout 3/New Vegas at max without any issue.

Wasteland 2 only makes it go to 70° but I can continue playing normally.

Since I activated a witcher 1 profile in the Nvidia pannel I did not get this issue in 2, quite long, sessions.

You might also check inside your case to clear out dust or any potential blockages. It can't hurt!
Here's a simple tool allowing you to measure temperatures within your system - it always shows minimum, maximum and current temperature of your hardware for its launched session. Leave it running in the background, play games, see what happens.
The game lacks V-Sync, force V-Sync on your GPU Control Center, and it should solve the problem.
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Kobi_Blade: The game lacks V-Sync, force V-Sync on your GPU Control Center, and it should solve the problem.
Agreed, had the same issue. The game has no vertical synchronization options and doesn't force the setting on the driver. You can however force this your self using driver settings (nVidia, AMD and Intel all have this somewhere hidden).
Monitor your temperatures at all times. Clean out the inside of your pc. Make sure there is no burning or static smells. Learn how to build a pc that lets you monitor these things better. Seriously, knowing the ins and outs of your PC makes a big difference.
Also try running the game in a window. That solves a lot of problems for people.
I just wanted to say that the tool Fenixp posted is great. I recently ran into an overheating issue which turned out to just be old, dried out thermal paste on my CPU. The HWMonitor program was able to show me that my CPU temp was way too high, so I got some new thermal paste, re-seated it, and everything's running much cooler now.

So it's worth using that tool to check your temperatures. Could be an easy fix like new thermal paste if your PC is on the older side.

(NOTE: do not take your cooler off just to check your thermal paste, as it will not re-seal. If you take the cooler off, you MUST clean it off and add new paste before reassembling)