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So I just found out something super weird, by doing the following steps you can gain even a 10 fps boost:

1. Load your save
2. Go to options and set the view distance to minimum, accept and resume
3. Go back to options, set the view distance to maximum, accept and re-load your save
4. Profit!

The scene I tested it on had by default 32-33 fps and it was the town square by Triss' house in act III. By doing those steps I went to 39-41 fps! If that wasn't weird enough, I did some more testing and for example: if I loaded a save from the canals, did the view distance switch and then loaded the town square save, the framerate boosted to around 46!

I tested it in other locations like swamps and temple district and it works just the same!

From my testing, this trick works until you completely exit the game. Please check it and report your findings :D

Testing specs:
all settings on max, 1600x900 resolution
win 7 64 bit
phenom II x4 965
4gb ram
radeon r7 260x
Post edited March 07, 2014 by Arthandas
I'll try this out, thanks!