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Ok I hope this isn't seen in bad taste as I just made my GOG account but I have been coming here for quite some time. Anyway I'm selling my European Limited Edition Version of the original Witcher and thought that someone here might be interested in it. I've had the game for years now looked at the art book many times played the cd in my car lots of times but since I've moved on to the Witcher 2 I don't foresee myself playing the original game anymore. So if anyone is interested in buying the game its up for sale on Ebay.

Here is the tiny url preview link:

Again I hope to not upset anyone buy making a post about selling something but since this is a website about appreciating GOOD OLD GAMES I thought people here would like my game more than others would. If you have any questions about what I'm selling feel free to ask. I promise to also start actually posting in threads now instead of just being a long time lurker on these forums.
Post edited June 08, 2011 by Gabreil