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siddham: Flaming did answer my actual question.
Gydion: He wasn't flaming. I also assumed you didn't know what FLAC is. Actually, I'm still not sure if you do or not?

To answer your question, it only applies to the sound track FLACs. Nothing to do with the mp3s. Nothing to do with in-game.
The person who answered my question is called Flaming.
I was not accusing anyone of flaming.

I made it completely clear in my first post I did not know what FLAC was; or what the upgrade entailed.

Now I do.

So thanks to those who answered my question.
NIce! Flac is the best format for music.
siddham: The person who answered my question is called Flaming.
That post immediately preceding yours? I also managed to read the quoted sentence backwards. Well, I feel a bit stupid. Anyway, enjoy the game/audio.
siddham: Hi guys

Excuse my ignorance, but what is FLAC OST?
Exactly (in plain English please) what has been changed?

Thanks :)
grijslink: Flac is a lossless format for music/sound

OST stands for original soundtrack
Unless you compare it to output @ 11-22kHz, I seriously doubt I could tell the difference...;) (Puts in ear plugs and prepares for onslaught!)