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I just completed collecting all of the shards for Alina's mirror. I gave them all to the elven craftsman and he said to come back later. I went ahead and went to a new area and came back. There is no dialogue option to get the mirror back. I went to the inn and slept til noon the next day and came back. Still no dialogue option. The only quests I have are Alvin, The Heat of the Day, and The Path of Destiny.

All it says on the Heat of Destiny is to make sure that I remember to return to receive the mirror. Any help is appreciated, really want to finish the story!

Did you rest for a full 24 hours?
Yeah, I rested 24 hours, then another 24, tried resting just 12 hours, you name it. I also tried reloading a previous save an giving the mirror pieces to the elven craftsman to see if it was just a bug with the blacksmith. Again, no dialogue option to get the mirror back.